Vrinda Kadiyali


         Research interests


Vrinda Kadiyali's research interests are in empirical models of competition and consumer choices, and public policy choices of these. She has worked with structural and reduced-form econometric models, and laboratory studies. Her interests span various industries like residential real estate, movies, internet bidding, hotels, higher education, airlines, and consumer packaged goods. She has published in Economics journals like Journal of Law and Economics and Rand Journal of Economics, and Marketing journals like Journal of Marketing Research, Marketing Science, and Quantitative Marketing and Economics. She also serves on the editorial boards of the last three.


         Current Working Papers

Racial Bias in Expert Quality Assessment: A Study of Newspaper Movie Reviews (with Lona Fowdur and Jeff Pricnce)

Does Price Precision Affect Magnitude Judgment? Evidence from Laboratory and Market Data (with Manoj Thomas and Daniel Simon), forthcoming Marketing Science.

Grade Information and Grade Inflation: The Cornell Experiment (with Talia Bar and Asaf Zussman), forthcoming, Journal of Economic Perspectives

The Impact of Emotional Product Attributes on Consumer Demand: An Application to the U.S. Motion Picture Industry (with Lona Fowdur and Vishal Narayan)

Modeling Endogenous Social Effects: A Study of MBA Summer Internship Application Choices (with Tony Bao and Sachin Gupta)

 Putting Grades in Context (with Talia Bar and Asaf Zussman)

Conflict of Interest?  The Impact of Dual Agency on Price and Speed of Real Estate Transactions (with Jeff Prince and Daniel Simon)

Forecasting in Rapidly Changing Environments: An Application to the Movie Industry (with Anirban Mukherjee)

The Competitive Dynamics of DVD Release Timing and Pricing – (with Anirban Mukherjee)

Accounting for Horizontal and Vertical Competition in Market Power Measurement(with S. Sriram)

Empirical Investigation of Channel Reactions to Brand Introductions – (with S. Sriram)


Older working Papers


Older version of JEP grades paper with mathematic appendix and titled Quest for Knowledge and Pursuit of Grades: Information, Course Selection, and Grade Inflation (with Talia Bar and Asaf Zussman)

Capacity and Collusion in the Texas Lodging Industry (with M. Conlin)

The Exercise of Buy-It-Now Pricing in Auctions: Seller Revenue Implications – (with Tat Chan and Young Hoon Park)

Preannouncement Behavior and Release Timing in the U.S. Movie Industry (with Natasha Foutz)

Price-Location Links in Consumer and Competitive Choices:  An Application of the Generalized Nested Logit (with Sriram Venkataraman)



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