Professor Rao is the Deane W. Malott Professor of Management and Professor of Marketing and Quantitative Methods in Johnson School of Management, Cornell University.

His research interests lie in the development and application of analytical models for marketing research and marketing strategy.  His publications have dealt with such topics as, dynamic pricing; product positioning and product design; application of multidimensional scaling and conjoint models for the analysis of consumer preferences and perceptions; market structure analysis; brand equity; acquisition; evaluation of subsets of multi-attributed items.


He has consulted for various industrial firms and is currently engaged in research on issues associated with preannouncement strategies, price bundling, choices of bundles, resource allocation, and competitive reactions.



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Education and Honors

Academic Experience


Editorial and Review Experience




¨ 2008 Charles Coolidge Parlin Marketing research Award, American Marketing Association and the American Marketing Association Foundation recognizing my “outstanding leadership and sustained impact on advancing the evolving profession of marketing research over an extended period of time”.

¨ Clifford H. Whitcomb Fellow, Johnson Graduate School of Management, October 2005-November 2006.

¨ 2005 Robert D. Buzzell Best Paper Award, Marketing Science Institute, Cambridge, MA.

¨ Faculty Research Award, Johnson Graduate School of Management, Cornell University, 2000-01 given to the School’s most productive scholar over the previous five years.


Selected Recent Articles

¨ “New Product Announcements as a Signaling Strategy: An Audience-Specific Review and Analysis” (with Meng Su), Journal of product Innovation Management (Forthcoming)

¨ “Beyond Conjoint Analysis: Advances in Preference Measurement”. (with Oded Netzer, Olivier Toubia and others) Marketing Letters, Vol. 19, December 2008.

¨ “Methods for Handling Massive Number of Attributes in Conjoint Analysis”(with Ben Kartono and Meng Su). Review of Marketing Research, V 5. 2009.

¨ “Eliciting preference for Complex products: A Web-Based Upgrading Approach” (with Young-Hoon Park and Min Ding), Journal of Marketing Research, October 2008.

¨ “Empirical Analysis of Budget and Allocation of Trade Promotions in the US Supermarket Industry” (with Miguel Gomez and Ed McLaughlin), Journal of Marketing Research, August 2007.